Transit Man


Transit Man has already appeared in many local newspapers who are scrambling to understand the phenomenon of this one who bellows "Make the Connection!"; advocates for "free, fast, efficient, non-polluting transportation and a universal transfer pass"; and who fights to save the Transbay Terminal, the "heart of the Bay Area...if it should perish, so shall I!". The most recent example was this column in which Transit Man's love life finally gets a look!

He was also mentioned in a three-part series on the disastrous "new Bay Bridge" in the Contra Costa Times, for taking the stage ata major public hearing on whether to hand over the beloved Transbay Transit Terminal -- in which Transit Man was fused into life!!! -- to real estate and motorcar-first interests to be destroyed!!!. Transit Man took the stage to protest the absurdity of the proposition and, with an ally holding a taped musical presentation to the microphone, threw handful after handful of bus transfer confetti upon the commissioners.

Transit Man was also featured in a column, The Apostle of Pedal Power, by Scott Winokur, SF Examiner, April 21st, 1998, The article attempted to bust open the mystery of Transit Man's identity, even suggesting that mild-mannered city planning and public health wonk Jason Meggs might be his double life alter ego.

No such luck!

Transit Man agrees to appear in more videos, and to help get the message out to the youth of today by visiting schools across the land. A theme song has been written for Transit Man by real-life transportation superhero Dave Campbell of the Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition.

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Contact Jason Meggs, (510) 725-9991, for further refutation!